Grow Your Donor Base and Raise More Support.
A six-module online video course to help Christian missionaries connect with their donors, 
revolutionize their fundraising, and raise more money.
The Big Problem:  Missionaries Are Under-Prepared 
To Raise Support In Today's World.
You have a God-given calling -- maybe you're planting churches overseas, training local leaders, or providing clean water in remote areas of the world. 

If you've ever wished the money would "just come in" so you can concentrate on the task at hand, you're not alone. Raising support can feel like a roller coaster, or at worst, a necessary evil. Why?

Most missionaries have been underprepared by their churches and sending agencies to raise support in today's world. 

Consider where you're reading this. Are you on your computer? Your phone? Perhaps you're at home, in a coffee shop, or skimming through while waiting to pick up lunch. Your donors behave the same way. They interact with the world ... online. It's no wonder they don't send any checks or open your support letters. They're distracted, disengaged, and disinterested.

You are not alone.

You've poured in countless hours to hone your understanding of Scripture and preaching skills. Your church or agency has equipped you to plant churches, preach the Gospel, and even provide for felt needs. But you've never had professional training in fundraising -- the kind that actually works in today's fast-paced world. 

You can't compete for your donor's attention with yesterday's snail-mail support letter strategies. 

It doesn't seem fair. You love Jesus. You love people. You're willing to go (literally) to the ends of the earth to share the Gospel, yet raising support can feel like a necessary evil. Plus, you hate promoting yourself. Does any of this sound familiar?

- "I hate asking for money."
- "I don't know what to write or say in my support letter."
- "My support has dried up."
- "People just don't have a heart to give."

Many amazing missionaries just like you are struggling to grow their donor base and raise more support -- especially in a world where donors are distracted, disengaged, and disinterested. You deserve a trusted guide to help you raise the support your ministry needs.
Your guide, Mike Kim.
My name is Mike Kim and I understand the unique set of challenges facing missionaries and ministries today.

As a marketing consultant I've advised numerous ministries and organizations including Catalyst, People of the Second Chance, MOPS, Donald Miller's StoryBrand, Global Mission Awareness, and Love146. I've also been featured  in business publications like Entrepreneur, Inc, and Forbes -- and most of my days are spent helping organizations clarify their message. 

So, why build a fundraising course for missionaries? Because I love missions. Before I launched my consulting practice, I was a youth pastor and worship leader -- and also served on the mission field in countries like Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Spain, and more. 

This course blends my ministry and marketing expertise to help you grow your donor base and raise more support. To date, I've helped over one hundred missionaries (from as far away as Sao Paolo, Kazakhstan, Melbourne, and Papa New Guinea) -- and I'd like to help you, too.

I understand the unique challenges of balancing missions, ministry, and money -- and I'm excited to help you grow your donor base and raise more money. I believe in you!
6 Easy-To-Master Marketing Modules To Grow Your Donor Base & Raise More Support
You can take the course on any of your devices capable of browsing the internet. You'll learn marketing "best practices" so donors know who you are and why they should support you. Learn how to:

1.  Clarify your ministry’s message
2.  Wireframe a simple website (using a template)
3.  Invite people to join your email list
4.  Plan an effective fundraising calendar
5.  Craft an effective support letter
6.  Gather testimonials from leaders and supporters

Tutorials, Templates, and Tips That Save You Hours of Wasted Time & Frustration

You get six, self-paced multi-media modules 
with high-quality audio / video seminars, screencasts, and PDF templates built just for this course including topics on writing winning support letters, templates and schedules on when to send emails and what to write, and even website tutorials if you want to launch a blog.
The Six-Module Course Curriculum
Module 1:  Clarify Your Ministry Message

Most missionaries struggle to talk about what they do. As a result, fundraising requests become watered-down and sound just like every other missionary or ministry out there. In this module, you'll see how the answers to three simple questions: "What is the injustice that angers you?", "What breaks your heart about this?" and "What is the big problem you are trying to solve?" will help you infuse your fundraising materials with messaging that's unique to you. Then, you'll learn how to incorporate this into a 7-step epic story framework that makes it easy for people to understand who you are, why you do what you do, and why they should support you.

Module 2:  Setup A Simple Online Homebase

You don't need a full-blown "bells and whistles" website. You just need an "MVP" -- a minimal viable platform -- where people can go to read your story and get to know, like, and trust you. (No, Facebook isn't good enough because it's not yours. Facebook can pull your content and close your account anytime they feel like it.) This module includes step-by-step video tutorials on how to use a proven template that has been data-tested by hundreds of other missionaries yet still allows you to stand out from the rest. You'll also learn why "less is more" and that your site should only have two actions people can take: to donate to you, or to join your email list. That way, you'll be able to collect donors information so you can stay in touch with them directly. You'll also learn how to use some of the best (free) online design tools like Canva -- in case you want to edit your photos or create your own graphics.

Module 3:  Invite People to Join Your Email List

The backbone of any charity or non-profit is its database. When it comes to missionaries, your data base is your email list. In fact, your database should always be growing -- simply because each time you send an email, it's likely someone will unsubscribe. Missionaries struggle to grow their donor base simply because they don't have an automated system that allows their donor base to grow. Oftentimes the only time they grow their database is when they are back in their home church preaching or giving an update. That means that for the other 11 months of the year, their list does nothing but shrink. This module will teach you how to grow your email database, what (free) tools you can use today, and exactly how to use these tools.

Module 4:  Plan An Effective Fundraising Calendar

Most missionaries do the bulk of their fundraising in the spring (for summer missions) or at the end of the year (to capitalize on year-end giving). But what about the rest of the year? Even if you don't plan to actively raise funds in the interim time, those months are absolutely essential because they allow you stay in touch with donors. The worst thing you can do is contact your email list only when you need money. The reason most missionaries don't take advantage of the in-between time is that they don't have a plan. This module will teach you how to create an effective fundraising calendar. You'll learn the four types of updates you must send, when to send these updates, and exactly what to say in them in a way that communicates potential, progress, and promise. 

Module 5:  Write A Winning Support Letter

This module showcases a wealth of actionable tips for the single most important component of your fundraising efforts: your support letter.  The support letter is essentially the “sales letter” of the fundraising world. You'll discover the four non-negotiable components to an effective support letter. You’ll also learn how to utilize interesting facts, personal touches, and powerful words that will paint a vivid picture of your mission – and move your reader to support your cause. You’ll also get free access to downloadable templates from actual support letters I've been hired to write – that have resulted in well over $100,000 in donations for individual missionariesSave yourself hours of frustration writing your next support letter from scratch. Adapt and utilize these proven letters, communicate with clarity, and raise more money for your cause.

Module 6:  Gather Testimonials To Grow Your Authority

Testimonials and endorsements increase your authority and give future donors "the gift of going second" -- seeing others vouch for you puts their own doubts to rest. Gathering testimonials is one of the keys to overcoming donor resistance. You'll learn exactly what makes a great testimonial, and get access to a convenient (and free) testimonial form that allows anyone to easily write an endorsement for you -- even if they're busy and even if they're poor writers. Testimonials are like salt in a recipe for bread. Too much, and you'll ruin the recipe. Too little, and the bread will have no taste. You need just a pinch of testimonials (I recommend three) and you'll learn exactly how to use them in your fundraising materials in a way that is effective and not self-promotional.
Marketing For Missionaries ®
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Here's What You Get:

  • ✓  6 Paradigm Shift Packed Video Modules
  • ✓  3 Full Support Letter Templates 
  • ✓  22-page Downloadable Workbook
  • ✓  WordPress Website Tutorials
  • ✓  30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee
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What If Marketing For Missionaries Isn't All I Hoped It Would Be?
I'm here to help you change your ministry and your life. I firmly stand behind the integrity and value of Marketing For Missionaries and my reputation as a leader in this industry. So here’s the deal. I'm offering a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for 30 days after your date of purchase.

That's how much I believe in the quality of the content I'm offering you. I don't want anything standing between you and your fundraising success, so it's totally risk-free for you.
Real People. Real Success Stories.
Leif Hetland, Pakistan: Leif's ministry, Global Mission Awareness, has helped plant churches in Pakistan and Southeast Asia. When several churches were bombed in Pakistan, he used the support letters inside to raise over $10,000 to rebuild. He did the same when Typhoon Haiyan hit the Phillippines, raising over $50,000 in aid.
Irfan Abdullatif, The Middle East: Irfan has a unique ministry that trains local leaders to plant churches in Iraq. After applying the strategies in Marketing For Missionaries™, Irfan raised $25,000 in just six weeks for a year-end fundraising campaign in 2014, and his ministry now enjoys steadier support than they've ever had before.
Tom & Bernice Hammond, Sao Paolo (Brazil): Tom and Bernice are founders of River International, a non-profit focused on water filtration projects. Their work also involves helping children who live in the landfills of Rio, and developing leaders in local churches. They saw giving increase from Marketing For Missionaries and have leveraged their online presence to solidify support.
Kent & Gina Murawski, Cambridge, MA (USA): For years, Kent and Gina worked with various college ministries full-time. In 2014 they planted a new church in Cambridge, right in the backyard of MIT, Harvard, and other top universities. The support letter they used helped raise over $30,000 in 5 months to launch Journey Church.
Michael & Fawn Stephens, Papua (Indonesia): Michael and Fawn do missions a bit differently: they're helicoptor pilots! They took Marketing For Missionaries and successfully raised enough money to move their entire family to work with Helimission. Helicopter travel allows them to access remote or otherwise inaccessible areas to bring medical relief and humanitarian aid and support jungle missionaries. 
Roma Waterman, Melbourne (Australia): Roma is a worship leader, songwriter, and author based in Melbourne, and also does significant ministry to the indigineous people groups of Australia who are often considered outcasts. She successfully launched her blog which became a platform to fund her ministry through selling books and music. This has helped her minister without imposing costs to indigineous people groups, where churches don't really exist.
These people have worked directly with the material inside Marketing For Missionaries. It doesn't matter where you're from or what kind of ministry work you do ... Marketing For Missionaries works because clear, concise communication always works. Join today.
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Joining Marketing For Missionaries is easy, and students have instant access to the rich library of content inside. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you simply can't lose. But be advised: The cost of this program will NEVER be this low again!
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What’s the Cost to Join Marketing For Missionaries™?

The cost is just $297.00. I'm confident that if you take action on the investment you've made in this course, you'll see at least a 10x return. Why? Because Marketing For Missionaries™ will transform the way you raise support.

So why do I charge a fee? 

First, a worker is worthy of his wages (and I didn't build this all alone, I have team members that deserve to be paid for their work). Second, people tend to value what they pay for. If you make the investment, you'll take action. 
Q. Do I Need A Website? What If I'm in a Closed Nation and Can't Speak Publicly About What I Do?

If your work involves being in a “closed” region, it may not be safe for you to use a blog for public communication. This course will be of benefit to you even if you cannot speak "publicly" about what you do.

A number of my students that have worked in closed countries (particularly Iraq, Syria, and Pakistan) utilized the material without a blog and still raised a collective $125,000+ in the past two years between them.

Why such great results? 

Better communication. You'll learn "best practices" in writing effective emails, support letter, articles, reports, and even social media updates. You're getting a professional marketer's secrets to communicating in a way that adds value to readers without being salesy or slimy. 

An added bonus: taking this course will improve all your communication: support letters, in-person face-to-face requests, and yes, even preaching.
Q.  I’m In! When Will I Get Access to Marketing For Missionaries™?

Great! Once you join, you'll get instant access to the course. We use great platform called Kajabi which facilitates all the course material.

You'll also get access to the private forum threads in each lecture (only accessible to students), where you'll be able to chat with me and other missionaries taking the course. It's an awesome way to connect with other co-laborers in Christ, to learn from one another, and share stories.
Q.  How long will the course take?

A. I've designed the course to ebb and flow for 4 to 6 weeks. I'd recommend one week per module, though you may go faster and finish in 4. You'll have plenty to do if you actually follow through on all the action items.

I hated busy work as a student, and still hate it as an adult. Please know that I did not add anything to this course that I didn't think would benefit you. Since you will be at a different place than other students, I’ve included ALL the lessons to be accessible immediately. You’re welcome to work at your own pace and even rush ahead if you like.
Q.  Can Marketing For Missionaries™ Replace Face-to-Face Fundraising?

I’m not sure online donations will ever completely replace face-to-face fundraising. After all, seeing and hearing you talk about your work in-person is much more powerful than just reading about it.

The problem is that you can't SCALE your face-to-face fundraising efforts. There's only one of you, and your time and travel are limited. Think about how hectic it can get just lining up appointments with potential donors.

With email and online communication, you can 'touch' your donors and stay in contact 24/7, even while you sleep. Moreover, leveraging those 'touches' will ease communication, build smoother relationships, and facilitate contributions from donors in a digitally-driven society.

This is a powerful addition to your fundraising efforts, and if you don't have an online presence right now, you're already behind compared the everyday world your donors are living in.
What If Marketing For Missionaries Isn't All I Hoped It Would Be?
I'm here to help you change your ministry and your life. I firmly stand behind the integrity and value of Marketing For Missionaries and my reputation as a leader in this industry. So here’s the deal. I'm offering a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for 30 days after your date of purchase.

That's how much I believe in the quality of the content I'm offering you. I don't want anything standing between you and your fundraising success, so it's totally risk-free for you.
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Joining Marketing For Missionaries and you'll get instant access to the rich library of content inside. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you simply can't lose. But be advised: The cost of this program will NEVER be this low again!
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